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Our plans for 2020

Machining Unit

  • BSA is planning to install a new Horizontal Boring machine.

  • The total project cost is estimated to be €650,000.

  • The loading capacity of the machine is 6300 kg.and the table size will be 1500*1500mm. 

Sand Reclamation Project 

  • Our goal is to use 100% reclaimed sand for our molding purposes.

  • To achieve 100% reclamation, we plan to use proprietary chemical and mechanical processes developed in house

Solar Power Project 

  • In line with our objective to use 100% renewable energy, BSA is planning to install  a 1 MW solar power plant within its premises.

  • This solar power plant will be in addition to our 2 operating windmills (1250 KW & 600 KW).

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