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Nikith Rajendran

Director of Marketing & Process Improvement


S. Rajendran

Managing Director,

Super Alloys Group

Beginning his steel foundry career in 1980, post his graduation in Metallurgy from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Rajendran went on to found 2 steel foundries successfully.


Staying true to his technical roots, he still personally handles the development of all new castings right from the methoding process.


Nikith Rajendran

Director of Marketing & Process Improvement

After having worked 6 years at Tesla (USA) and McKinsey (management consulting), Nikith joined BSA in 2019 to run its marketing & process improvement divisions.

Prior to that, Nikith graduated with Masters in Management Sciences from Stanford University, USA and another Masters in Manufacturing from MIT, USA.


V. Devaraj


 General Manager

Devaraj has a rich foundry industry experience of 30 years and counting.


With over 75,000+ tons  (cumulative) of steel casting experience & experience of managing a team of 300+ employees under his belt, he can be relied upon for deliverance of highest standards to our customers. 

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