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Methoding & Pattern Making
Methoding simulation.jpg

ADSTEFAN Simulation software powered by Hitachi, Japan is used for methoding purposes. This software helps in minimizing/eliminating casting defects.

In-house pattern shop available for wood pattern development.Tie-ups with local partners for aluminum pattern development. We use either aluminum or wood patterns for molding, based on batch size, etc.


CO2 and sodium silicate process used in BSA on account of its lower-defect-tendency and environment-friendliness 

Max size that can be molded/cast based on our existing molding box availability is 2000x2000x1500(LxWxH) in mm. 


BSA is equipped with 2 Induction Furnaces (750KW, 450KW) 4 Crucibles (3 ton, 2 ton, 2 ton, 1 ton) & the following ladles: 5 ton - 1 No.; 3 ton - 2 Nos; 2 ton - 3 Nos; 1 ton - 1 No..

Immersion type pyrometer is used to monitor temperature. 

Furnace & Ladle are chosen based on casting weight. We have the capacity to operate both furnaces in parallel to deliver a max weight of 3 Tons.

Welding & Fettling

BSA has a in house shot Blasting Machine (max weight: 2 tons; max dimension: 1500*1200mm).

Qualified welders as approved by WPS, IBR & PQR. BSA is equipped with 12 welding machines and stations.

Gouging machines, swing frame grinders, welding rectifiers & Pneumatic Chippers also available.

Heat Treatment

BSA is equipped with​ the following

10 MT gas fired furnace (max dimension: 2000*2500mm).

4MT & 3MT electric heat furnace (max dimension: 1500*2000mm & 1200*1800mm respectively) 

Quenching tank capacity is 85,000L with water agitation process.


BSA is equipped with​ the following for testing and QC

Spectrometer, Universal testing machine of 40 MT capacity, impact testing machine, PMI (positive material identification) testing equipment.

Brinell & Rebound hardness tester and micro-structure equipment (to study grain structure).

sparks flying while machine griding and

In-house machining facility includes 2 Lathes, 2 VTLs and 1 HBM.

A new machining unit with table size of 1500*1800*1500 (in mm) and a max loading capacity of 6.3 tonnes is expected to be commissioned by Sep 2020. This will boost our ability to supply 

Non Destructive Examination
Inspection magnetic field with pie gauge

Magnetic Particle Examination, Liquid Penetrant Examination, Ultrasonic Examination, etc. are performed by certified ASNT level II personnel.

Radiography Examination is presently performed through third party contractor.

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